We’re going to cut to the chase (because we know you don’t like bullshit)…


The truth is, you, reading this right now, probably have a good life. Your family, friends, and co-workers (even the annoying ones) probably think you’re doing great. You’ve got a good job, you put on a happy face, and you get that to-do list handled like a BOSS in your crazy-busy life.


But, really deep inside, you’re starting to unravel. It’s that restless feeling that something is missing, something feels wrong, and the truth (that you really don’t want anyone to know) is that you feel like shit about yourself much of the time.

You constantly compare yourself to other women, you always feel like you don’t measure up, you beat yourself up like crazy, and you’re

LLadies… It doesn’t have to be that way. Like, at all. And you are probably a woman who already knows the value of personal development, right? You know that in order to feel confident, courageous, to not “feel small” anymore, the key is to work on yourself. *THE* most important person in your life.


And maybe you’ve dabbled here and there, read some books, maybe followed your favorite self-help experts on Instagram [we point to ourselves], and have seen some small shifts… or maybe none at all.


We get it. Life is busy and maybe you just can’t seem to find the time for weekly 1-on-1 or group work. That’s why we’ve created something unique and special just for you.


APRIL 30th – MAY 3rd, 2017

The Master’s Course: THE RETREAT #IRL is an intense (and exclusive) in-person retreat designed to teach you four, integral components of self-love.

AAfter many years of facilitating this work, both online and in-person, we’ve seen the massive changes and positive shifts that can happen to the women we serve. And we are absolutely blown away at the changes that take place when women come together in one place, in person, to work on themselves. To see each other, hear each other, and hug each other. To witness each other’s stories in a safe place, to learn, ask questions, stretch yourself and ultimately come out a better version of you on the other side.


We’ve carefully crafted four foundational components you must work on to get to a place of self-love.


>Your self-talk and self-kindness

No one beats themselves up into betterment. The way you speak to yourself is a FOUNDATIONAL piece in your own happiness, confidence, and self love. We’ll start the class by pulling the covers off your negative self-talk and making major strides to change it.

>Your self-worth

Chances are you’ve been basing your self-worth on everything you do, have, say, or what you look like. This chase for “enough” is futile and exhausting. This module will teach you simple ways to turn that around.


Your current reality is being shaped by your relationship with your past – whether you know it or not. Making peace with your past is what we’ll examine and take action on in our third module.

>(Glass case of) Emotions

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to FEEL whatever you were actually feeling? In most cases, you probably push it aside or off-load it in some way. Whatever the case, this module will have you jumping in head first with emotions, sister.

To Amy and Andrea,


I say a big, heartfelt thank you. You two have made me so self-aware! I honestly no longer hate myself, and I know that taking care of myself is NOT being selfish. I cannot be the best me, wife, and mom without taking care of ME. My cup has to be overflowing in order to give anything to anyone else. So very grateful for this course and all of your support. The knowledge that I am not alone helped me so very much!


~ Jen Halulko, Orange Park, FL 

Amy and Andrea,

THANK YOU so much for organizing this course and giving me an opportunity to learn more skills to foster spiritual, mental and emotional growth and to nurture my ever-evolving self-love. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to be on this journey with you all. It was an amazing experience!

~ Leigh Cunningham, Houston, TX



NNestled between the peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is the largest city in western North Carolina, rich with history, breathtaking scenery, cultural attractions, shopping and more. At the very least, you could say that we’re mildly obsessed with Asheville. From Grand Bohemian Hotel, you are also just steps from the historic Biltmore Estate and just a short walk to local shops and galleries. Because, when do we ever pass up shopping? Never. The answer is never.

WWith the lush Blue Ridge Mountains as a backdrop (like, seriously breathtaking), the European hunting lodge-inspired Grand Bohemian Hotel Asheville was named a “World’s Best Hotel” by Travel + Leisure, and a “Top 40 Hotel in the South” by Condé Nast. So, that’s kinda fancy…

GGuestrooms at Grand Bohemian Hotel offer a luxurious environment of Old World style. Um… yes, please to luxury! Original artwork, custom lighting and wood furniture complement plush bedding and large velvet-tufted headboards. #sooooocozy


Most of the spacious bathrooms contain a glass-enclosed shower with natural rain style showerhead (we’re not exactly sure what that is, but is sounds magical, right?), a carved wood and marble vanity, stone flooring, high-end fixtures and an oversized soaking tub that opens up into the bedroom area. Because, who doesn’t need a dose of luxury to accompany self-love? We sure-as-hell do.


Your Guestroom includes:

  Complimentary Wi-Fi Access

  Lush Matelassé linens with pillow-top mattresses

  37” LCD televisions

  Bose® CD clock radios

  Unique artwork

  Plush Terry Microfiber Robes

  Luxurious bath amenities

  Hair dryer

  Iron/ironing board, coffee maker & In-room safes

  Daily newspaper available at front desk


Um… like, everything.



Shared accommodations (a fellow retreater will be your roomie) at the absolutely #gorge Grand Bohemian Hotel in Asheville, North Carolina.



Starting with our dinner on Sunday night and carrying through to breakfast on Wednesday morning, absolutely ALL your meals will be taken care of. And, wait until you see the award-winning restaurant that is catering our retreat… OMG, soooo delish.



We have a jam-packed retreat in store for you full of rich lessons, worksheets, creative projects, mini-lectures, and exercises designed to crack you open and cultivate your journey of self-love. So, yeah, we mean business.



Because we both primarily work virtually, we don’t often have the awesome opportunity to meet with our students in person! This is a super limited opportunity to connect with both of us #IRL and meet a handful of soul sisters while you’re at it!



We’ve kept this retreat small (20 women), so you’ll feel the intimacy and camaraderie with fellow badasses on the same wavelength. You’re sure to make lifelong friends.



Considering our retreat is a decent amount of time away, we wanted to load you up with goodies right away that would help you embark on your self-love journey. Cuz we dope like that.


We’ll even scoop you up at the Asheville airport via shuttle service! Just get your amazing self to Asheville, and from the airport, we’ll take care of absolutely everything. Driving in? We’ll even pay for your parking. #wegotyou


WWe get that sometimes these retreats can be intense and overwhelming. We’ll give you just enough time to learn information, and process what you need to.

GGot Q’s for us? If you don’t now, you’ll be sure to have them on the retreat! Special time will be set aside just for you to be able to get all your questions answered.


  Airfare to and from Asheville, North Carolina

  Alcoholic beverages + spending money

  Travel Insurance (HIGHLY recommended)

LOVELIES! Thank you so much for all your awesome heart work. I so enjoyed all the classes I have had with you guys!! It has been so beneficial to my life right now. I am absolutely grateful for where I am right now.  I am confident that I will make the choices that are right for me.


I know that I was here in this spot to find you ladies for a specific reason in my life right now and I am totally and extremely FUCKING grateful! LOVE YOU LADIES!”


~ Jennifer Benjamin, Emporia, KS 

The best thing I learned in The Master’s Course is that I am enough. Just as I am, I am enough.


It’s also been helpful to recognize my inner critic and not letting it determine my life. Thank you for getting me on the path to being the person I want to be.


TMC helped me recognize my worth, not let others actions affect me as greatly (still working on that), helped me to be nicer to myself, and has me thinking more of others and their feelings and struggles too.

~ Brenda


  Complete clarity on what steps to take to get you to a place of self-love.


  Tools on how to better your relationships with others.


   A systematic way to create better and more empowering self-talk (instead of of listening to your internal shit-talker).


  Tools to deal with your emotions that don’t include pushing them away or off-loading them to others (or via TMI Facebook status updates).


  New (and super rewarding and fun) friendships with like-minded soul sisters 



[in creepy informercial voice]

Seriously. Like, a shit-ton more.


BBecause it’s going to be a minute (or a few months) until we embark on our transformational time together, we wanted to load you up with bonuses to tide you over. Plus, we want to you start on your self-love journey stat.

So, get ready for the mother-load of bonuses. Immediately upon registration, you will receive access to this incredible audio bundle containing 15 interviews with some serious self-love badasses. These audios are packed with content addressing how self-love influences your relationship to your body, your intimate partnerships, and even how you engage with money!

It’s an AMAZING supplement to your retreat with tangible tips and tools from some of the biggest personal growth influencers! It’s a $97 value and it’s yours totally free with your registration!


WWhile you are working on your relationship to YOU, you will find that your inter-personal relationships will begin to shift as well.

This exclusive, private interview Amy conducted with a dear colleague of ours, will help you address boundaries inside your relationships. You’ll learn where you need to take a stand for yourself and exactly HOW to go about doing so.

You will receive access to this special gift from Amy immediately upon registration of your Home Study program.


IIf you have ever felt as though there is NO WAY you could overcome the obstacles in your life, you are going to be beyond motivated and inspired by this special eBook gift from Andrea.

If you’re unfamiliar with Andrea’s story, this bonus will shed light on what is absolutely possible for you in creating the life you desire. It doesn’t matter how big of a “mess” you think you’ve made out of your life, this eBook will show you how capable you are of changing directions.

Again, immediately upon purchase you will receive direct access to this gem of a read!


WWe are sooooo not going to leave you hangin’ after our #epic adventure. In order to help you cement and implement what you learned, we will have a follow-up, group support call to answer any Q’s that may have arisen as you’ve put your new tools into action. Because… WE GOTCHU!


II mean… can you believe we’re still giving away bonuses!? When we return from our retreat, we will give you access to our full home study program of The Master’s Course so you can listen to the core lessons over and over. This will allow you to drink in the rich experience of the live retreat, and still have a small arsenal of resources upon your return home. Doesn’t get much better than that. (Oh, and we sell that bad-boy for $147, btw.)


[Say yes.]

*NOTE: All prices below are per person for a double occupancy room. In other words, when you sign-up you will be bunking up with a fellow retreater, but you will have your own queen bed. We’re here to make friends, Babycakes!

*1 PAYMENT of $2247

*3 PAYMENTS of $775

*$775 paid today and 2 additional payments of $775 automatically charged to card on file every 30 days.


For a long time, I thought that things I’d accomplished would make me feel worthy. I really did. Once I got them, the way I felt about myself didn’t change too much. It was all an illusion. I realized that the self-love has to come first.


Here’s my new mantra…




Boom. That’s it. It’s so true. Being the stubborn little lady that I am, I had to try every other way first and then come to that conclusion on my own… but, yeah, turns out you guys were right. *SIGH*.


Thank you. Thank you, thank you. I love you both and I’m incredibly grateful that you’ve come into my life.

~ Rachel

We have been teaching The Self Love Revolution principles since 2012 and this past fall we completely revamped the curriculum. We sharpened and updated the BEST lessons, tools, and methods we know have worked best with our past students, past clients, and in our own lives. 

So, here’s the deal:




So, you can continue what you’re doing… OR you can come join us in-person [squeal!] to learn tried-and-true, proven tools and methods designed to completely change how you feel and think about YOURSELF. Our lessons will break everything down, step-by-step and give you tons of strategies to implement in your life immediately. Your life can RADICALLY change if you apply the lessons and put them into action in your life. PLUS, it’s all goin’ down at the most beautiful location we could find for you. All you need to do is say yes to yourself. So, OMG… just say YES!


  The concept of self-love feels out-of-touch and overwhelming for you-you don’t even know where to begin.


  You’re done spending so much time and energy beating yourself up for all sorts of things. Enough is enough already!


  You might feel afraid to step into feeling your feelings, but you know you’ve been avoiding them for waaaay too long.


  You’ve been carrying the weight of past mistakes on your shoulders and are ready to finally make peace with yourself.


  You’re tired of constantly looking at your life’s to-do list, chasing accomplishments, and not to mention chasing approval from other people-all in hope of feeling worthy and good about yourself.


  You’re open to learning from instructors who are loving, who will challenge you, and who at times can be a bit irreverent… And who have potty mouths.


~ Chenea Evans, Queensland, Austrailia (previous student)

I wanted to say a fuckin’, huge-ass thank you for sharing all your wisdom with me through this program. I am completely lost for words when it comes to explaining how much my life has changed for the better! Makes me shake my head with disbelief!


I choose happiness every single day and it bloody lights up my life. I think about the feelings behind everything (thanks Andrea) and I hear the word “choice” in my sleep (thanks Amy)! And I have set boundaries everywhere and OMG, permission! Self care…. Oh I could go on!


You guys both have a remarkable gift for inspiring change and growth, I just wish there were more of your kind out there. One convert at a time!


All my love, respect and friendship, you guys rock my world! Stacks of love and gratitude today and always.

I was sick and tired of feeling like I was beating myself up all the time and I knew I needed a new perspective & some tools to heal & become a better friend to myself.


Some of the best parts of the program were the different perspectives and the tools for self-reflection. This course is perfect for anyone who wants to be kinder to themselves.


Thank you for sharing your stories & your wisdom. My life is better for it! 

~ Tamara



(If your name was Amy Smith, you’d use the “E” too.)

Job:  Certified and Credentialed “Speak Your Truth” Coach, Speaker, and Chief Badass of TheJoyJunkie.com. An expert on how to communicate your needs (without being a dick), she is known for her ability to help women find their voice… and power. [Insert creepy, villainous laugh]. In her roles a coach, podcaster, and speaker, Amy has been instrumental in aiding hundreds of people in stepping into their authentic power and craft lives they desire. She is highly sought after for her uncommon style of irreverence, wisdom, and humor and has been a featured expert on Fox 5 San Diego and YourTango.com. So, yeah. She’s a good time.

Location:  In the Present (and also Southern California)

Spirit Animal:  Alanis Morissette

Things I adore:  Mr. Smith, loom knitting, scotch whiskey, cheese, Japanese Chins, fitness, performing in community theatre, Ben n’ Jerry’s S’mores ice cream, being right, dancing, being naked, Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell, fashion/makeup/shoes/glamour and making up silly names for things.


Job:  Certified life coach specializing in high-achieving women.  Founder of yourkickasslife.com, best-selling author, speaker, and writer for YourTango and xojane and has been featured on the Huffington Post Live. Serving it up straight with no BS. Ever.

Location:  North Carolina, but my heart will always be in San Diego.

Spirit Animal:  Joan Jett, Cha Cha DeGregorio (cuz I’m the best dancer at St. Bernadette’s), and Monica Gellar. 

Things I adore: My husband’s 5 o’clock shadow, the movie Clueless, the little people I made, eating copious amounts of chips and salsa, 70′s muscle cars, singing ridiculous made up songs (badly), and roller derby.


[Say yes.]

*NOTE: All prices below are per person for a double occupancy room. In other words, when you sign-up you will be bunking up with a fellow retreater, but you will have your own queen bed. We’re here to make friends, Babycakes!

*1 PAYMENT of $2247

*3 PAYMENTS of $775

*$775 paid today and 2 additional payments of $775 automatically charged to card on file every 30 days.


“Andrea and Amy are GREAT!  I especially appreciate how real, humble, encouraging, and sometimes irreverent they can be!  The course provided a plethora of excellent tools and guidance.  Each lesson was interesting and inspiring, and these women also know how to make me smile.

I signed up for the course to give me a boost and a kick-in the ass to get things moving in my own life.  Out of all of the great material provided – there is one very simple concept that has dramatically changed things for me “Hell Yes” or “Hell No”.  This class was definitely a HELL YES!”

~ Cindy McCollum, Ogden, Utah 

~ Shannon Stone, Discovery Bay, California

Before taking the class I was feeling that my life was waiting for me to take action, but knew I needed some guidance on getting a handle on my fears. Deep down, I know this is my path and it was time to do something about the “it” that has been holding me back in many ways.

After this course, I am definitely owning my confidence MORE than I was before – I am experiencing myself doing things with less hesitation and going for it – AND THAT’S AWESOME FOR ME – I had put SOOOO much into others that there was no room for me – I have definitely changed that point of view!!

I am back on my list of priorities once again and LOVING every minute I am spending on myself (being caught up and living for everyone else was very draining).


What all is inlcuded?

All of your accommodations, meals, materials, and lessons are included. Plus the transportation to and from the airport. Just get your amazing self to Asheville, and from the airport, we’ll take care of absolutely everything. Driving in? We’ll even pay for your parking. #wegotyou

How many spaces are available?

We’re capping this retreat at 20 women to be able to have an intimate group and still give you as much attention as possible.

What if I’m kind of scared to do this?

If you’re afraid, you’re on the right track! Many of the women who’ve come on our retreats were at least a little nervous (to downright scared shitless) to start working on themselves and jump into this not knowing anyone. Your inner-critic will go NUTS telling you this won’t work for you, you’re too damaged, etc. ← Bullshit stories. We always say, if you’re inner-critic is instilling fear in you, you’re onto something BIG! 🙂

I want to sign up, but I don't know anyone coming! Should I still come?

Short answer: YES. Most of the women that come on our retreats don’t bring a friend, so consider this your first lesson in stepping out of your comfort zone 😉 Why wait to do all the things you want to do until someone comes with you? Also, some women find it easier to do the work and open up without a friend by their side. 

Wait...when are the dates again?

Sunday, April 30th through Wednesday, May 3rd. Upon sign up we’ll give you the times so you can book your travel accordingly.

Do the lessons expire?

Upon return, we’ll gift you the Master’s Course digital program which is everything you just learned, all recorded. That way you’ll have the lessons forever. (Foreva? Foreva eva?)

Is the retreat for women only? What if I want to bring my partner to hang at the hotel while I retreat with you?

Although we do fancy the men-folk, all TSLR offerings, including this retreat are for women only.

We ask that you do not bring along children, partners, or friends that will not be participating in the retreat. We understand this would be a great getaway, but we believe it will take away from the experience of your learning and transformation.

How does the roommate situation work? What if I want my own room?

Part of this whole adventure is pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, so we are not permitting any solo rooms. Plus, weren’t you just saying you needed some more like-minded soul sisters?


As for pairing up roommates, we’ll do our best to match you with a roomie that is perfect for you! Keep in mind you won’t be spending much time in your room except for sleeping! If you’re signing up with a bud, you’ll have the opportunity to let us know you two want to bunk up. No prob.

Do you have a refund policy?


Due to the nature of this event and because we have obligations to pay the hotel to secure your room, there is a $350 non-refundable deposit on all purchases regardless of payment plan option and/or purchase date. Any purchaser can receive the total amount paid to The Self-Love Revolution Retreat, less the $350 non-refundable deposit, if The Self-Love Revolution Retreat is notified by February 16th, 2017, 9pm Pacific Standard Time that a refund is requested.


Example 1: If you chose the ONE PAY option for $1997 and decided on January 14th, 2017 that you needed a refund, you would be refunded $1647 ($1997 – $350 = $1647).

Example 2: If you chose the THREE PAY option of 3 payments of $775 on December 23rd, 2016, and paid a second installment of $775 on January 23rd, 2017 and requested a refund January 27th, 2017, you would be refunded $1200. ($350 included in the first installment paid December 23rd is non-refundable, but all payments made thereafter could be refunded; In this case, $775 of the 2nd installment would be refundable plus the remaining $425 which would be refundable from the 1st installment).


February 16th, 2017, 9pm Pacific Standard Time is the absolute deadline for any refund requests. After this date no refunds will be issued nor installment payments cancelled. As of February 16th, 2017, all sales are final and no refunds will be issued. All room purchases/registrations are non-transferable.

Do you have an age requirement for the retreat?

Yes. We require all retreaters to be at least 21 years of age to attend this event.

What airport will I be flying in to?

All retreaters will need to fly into Asheville Regional Airport (AVL) in order to take advantage of our shuttle service to and from the hotel. Asheville Regional Airport is a Class C airport near Interstate 26 near the town of Fletcher, 9 miles south of Asheville. Get your booty to this airport and we’ll take care of everything from there!

What if I want to come in early or stay later?

Oh, honey, you grown! You can do whatever your heart desires! We can put you in touch with our amazing hotel conference managers and they can get you squared away. If you do choose to come in early or stay later, please know that all of those arrangements and costs are in no way affiliated with this retreat and all responsibility for booking and paying for those dates are your sole responsibility.


Listen, we totally stand behind our work and have personally seen the dramatic affect it can create in student’s lives. For that reason, we have a 14-day, 100% money back refund policy but there are some stipulations. We intend to attract students who have read the entirety of this page, have done their due diligence, and participate in the course work.


If after 14 days of working through the class lessons and worksheets, you find that the material simply doesn’t resonate with you, we will happily refund your money. We will, however, request that you submit completed worksheets for both Module 1 + 2 as proof of your intent to work through the materials. Also for this reason, we will not refund you simply because you change your mind. You can read all the specifics about the policy HERE.


Basically… we want you to really COMMIT to working on you… because, I mean… you deserve it.


[Say yes.]

*NOTE: All prices below are per person for a double occupancy room. In other words, when you sign-up you will be bunking up with a fellow retreater, but you will have your own queen bed. We’re here to make friends, Babycakes!

*1 PAYMENT of $2247

*3 PAYMENTS of $775

*$775 paid today and 2 additional payments of $775 automatically charged to card on file every 30 days.


P.S.You can read a metric shit-ton of books and blog posts on self-love. And if you don’t actually put it into action, it gets you nowhere. If you’re ready for a program you can work through with us and women just like you, honey, this is your jam. 

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