Dear Phenomenal Woman,

We’re going to cut to the chase (because we know you don’t like bullshit)…


The truth is, you, reading this right now, probably have a good life. Your family, friends, and co-workers (even the annoying ones) probably think you’re doing great. You’ve got a good job, you put on a happy face, and you get that to-do list handled like a BOSS in your crazy-busy life.


But, really deep inside, you’re starting to unravel. It’s that restless feeling that something is missing, something feels wrong, and the truth (that you really don’t want anyone to know) is that you feel like shit about yourself much of the time.

You constantly compare yourself to other women, you always feel like you don’t measure up, you beat yourself up like crazy, and you’re

And we totally get it. We get it because we’ve been there. We’ve been in that rat race of “the hustle” and we’re not talkin’ the hustle on the dance floor, but the hustle of people-pleasing, perfecting, out-performing, and struggling like a goddamned madwoman for happiness. We’ve both been in that place of tying a knot at the end of our rope and hanging on for dear life. Until one day your palms start to sweat and you know what happens after that… (wait for it… )


Then comes the day you’ve had ENOUGH (good god, do we know about this day!!) and you’re ready to draw a fierce line in the sand and say No more. You’re ready to finally put YOU first, re-define what “selfish” looks like and start, perhaps for the first time in your life, to make some changes that matter. Things like:


  Finally getting a handle on that mad shit-talker of yours. The bitchy voice in your head that makes you feel like you can’t do anything right, that you’re a fraud, and so many cringe-worthy feelings.


   Find out what feeling WORTHY actually means and looks like for you. That belief that makes you feel you’re never, ever enough? That’s gotta GO.


   Letting go of past “mistakes”. Because beating yourself up for stuff you did in the past is doing NOTHING to make you a better person.


   Actually FEEL your feelings (wait, wha!!?) instead of numbing them, blaming everyone else, lashing out or whatever behavior dejour you do to avoid actually feeling.





The Self Love Revolution: The Master’s Course is an intense, 8-week tele-course designed to help you with 4 main components of self-love.


Module 1:
Your self-talk and self-kindness

No one beats themselves up into betterment. The way you speak to yourself is a FOUNDATIONAL piece in your own happiness, confidence, and self love. We’ll start the class by pulling the covers off your negative self-talk and making major strides to change it.

Module 2:
Your self-worth

Chances are you’ve been basing your self-worth on everything you do, have, say, or what you look like. This chase for “enough” is futile and exhausting. This module will teach you simple ways to turn that around.

Module 3:

Your current reality is being shaped by your relationship with your past – whether you know it or not. Making peace with your past is what we’ll examine and take action on in our third module.

Module 4:
(Glass case of) Emotions

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to FEEL whatever you were actually feeling? In most cases, you probably push it aside or off-load it in some way. Whatever the case, this module will have you jumping in head first with emotions, sister.

To Amy and Andrea,


I say a big, heartfelt thank you. You two have made me so self-aware! I honestly no longer hate myself, and I know that taking care of myself is NOT being selfish. I cannot be the best me, wife, and mom without taking care of ME. My cup has to be overflowing in order to give anything to anyone else. So very grateful for this course and all of your support. The knowledge that I am not alone helped me so very much!


~ Jen Halulko, Orange Park, FL 

Amy and Andrea,

THANK YOU so much for organizing this course and giving me an opportunity to learn more skills to foster spiritual, mental and emotional growth and to nurture my ever-evolving self-love. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to be on this journey with you all. It was an amazing experience!

~ Leigh Cunningham, Houston, TX




Four, 60-minute audio lessons taught by Amy + Andrea, sent directly to your inbox covering each of the 4 modules.



Seven, 60-minute LIVE group coaching calls where we answer all your questions, discuss class content, give laser coaching, and celebrate your victories!



Each module comes with in-depth worksheets to help you cement your learning, make commitments, and get into ACTION. And they can easily be printed or filled-out online. #yourewelcome



A sisterhood of women just like you will gather and courageously bare their souls. Some of the biggest learning will come from the group sharing and this is routinely one of the most loved components of the program.



You’ll receive access to a private Facebook forum to gain more clarity on the lessons and to provide a space to share what you’re learning. Use it to hold yourself accountable, ask questions, celebrate, and make new friends.



You’ll have access to the audio lessons, group call recordings, and worksheets forever, so you can always go back and revisit the exercises if and when you have setbacks or need a refresher. Or, if you just miss us. 

The seven live, group coaching calls will be held on the following Tuesdays at 10amPT/1pmPT: October 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th, November 3rd, 10th, and 17th, 2015. Attendance is highly encouraged, but not mandatory. But, why wouldn’t you want to hang out with us? I mean…

LOVELIES! Thank you so much for all your awesome heart work. I so enjoyed all the classes I have had with you guys!! It has been so beneficial to my life right now. I am absolutely grateful for where I am right now.  I am confident that I will make the choices that are right for me.


I know that I was here in this spot to find you ladies for a specific reason in my life right now and I am totally and extremely FUCKING grateful! LOVE YOU LADIES!”


~ Jennifer Benjamin, Emporia, KS 


  Complete clarity on what steps to take to get you to a place of self-love.


  Tools on how to better your relationships with others.


   A systematic way to create better and more empowering self-talk (instead of of listening to your internal shit-talker).


  A new community of sisters who’ve been through the same journey you have, speak your same language, and GET you.


  Tools to deal with your emotions that don’t include pushing them away or off-loading them to others (or via TMI Facebook status updates).



Registration is now closed, but please drop your details in the form below to be the absolute FIRST to hear about the Home Study version coming soon as well as the next LIVE course!

This will be our third year teaching The Self Love Revolution. This year we completely updated the curriculum and pulled out the BEST lessons, tools, and methods we know that have worked best with our past students, past clients, and in our own lives practicing self love on a consistent basis.

And we know you can survive going through your life without working on your own self love. You’ll be fine. Plenty of people do it. But, do you want to be just fine? What we know for sure is that when you don’t look at how you feel about yourself and treat yourself, when you just go through the motions of behaving as you’ve been conditioned for decades, your life is just okay. And when shit hits the fan (which is always does), you don’t have the tools to cope. And those set-backs damn-near destroy you. And when you don’t have the tools to cope, you feel like shit for too long and beat yourself up to all hell.



So, you can continue what you’re doing… OR can you learn tried-and-true, proven tools and methods where we will walk with you step-by-step and give you the support you need as you learn them. Your life can RADICALLY change if you learn the lessons and put them into action in your life. We’re here to support you. All you need to do is say yes to yourself. So, OMG… just say YES!


  The concept of self-love feels out-of-touch and overwhelming for you – you don’t even know where to begin.


  You’re done spending so much time and energy beating yourself up for all sorts of things. Enough is enough already!


  You might feel afraid to step into feeling your feelings, but you know you’ve been avoiding it for waaaay too long.


  You’ve been carrying the weight of past mistakes and are ready to try to make peace with yourself around it.


  You’re tired of constantly looking at your life’s to-do list, chasing accomplishment, and not to mention the chase for approval from other people – All in hopes of feeling worthy and good about yourself.


  You’re ready to be supported by us and a community of women who’ve been in your shoes and have the same struggles and hopes that you do.


  You’re open to instructors who are loving, who will challenge you, and who at times can be a bit irreverent… And who have potty mouths.


~ Chenea Evans, Queensland, Austrailia (previous student)

I wanted to say a fuckin’ huge-ass thank you for sharing all your wisdom with me over the last few months. I am completely lost for words when it comes to explaining how much my life has changed for the better! Makes me shake my head with disbelief!


I choose happiness every single day and it bloody lights up my life. I think about the feelings behind everything (thanks Andrea) and I hear the word “choice” in my sleep (thanks Amy)! And I have set boundaries everywhere and am all about hell-yeah’s and hell-no’s! Omg, and permission! Self care…. Oh I could go on!


You guys both have a remarkable gift for inspiring change and growth, I just wish there were more of your kind out there. One convert at a time!


All my love, respect and friendship, you guys rock my world! Stacks of love and gratitude today and always.



(If your name was Amy Smith, you’d use the “E” too.)

Job:  Certified and Credentialed “Speak Your Truth” Coach, Speaker, and Chief Badass of An expert on how to communicate your needs (without being a dick), she is known for her ability to help women find their voice… and power. [Insert creepy, villainous laugh]. In her roles a coach, podcaster, and speaker, Amy has been instrumental in aiding hundreds of people in stepping into their authentic power and craft lives they desire. She is highly sought after for her uncommon style of irreverence, wisdom, and humor and has been a featured expert on Fox 5 San Diego and So, yeah. She’s a good time.

Location:  In the Present (and also Southern California)

Spirit Animal:  Alanis Morissette

Things I adore:  Mr. Smith, loom knitting, scotch whiskey, cheese, Japanese Chins, fitness, performing in community theatre, Ben n’ Jerry’s S’mores ice cream, being right, dancing, being naked, Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell, fashion/makeup/shoes/glamour and making up silly names for things.


Job:  Certified life coach specializing in high-achieving women.  Founder of, best-selling author, speaker, and writer for YourTango and xojane and has been featured on the Huffington Post Live. Serving it up straight with no BS. Ever.

Location:  North Carolina, but my heart will always be in San Diego.

Spirit Animal:  Joan Jett, Cha Cha DeGregorio (cuz I’m the best dancer at St. Bernadette’s), and Monica Gellar. 

Things I adore: My husband’s 5 o’clock shadow, the movie Clueless, the little people I made, eating copious amounts of chips and salsa, 70′s muscle cars, singing ridiculous made up songs (badly), and roller derby.


Registration is now closed, but please drop your details in the form below to be the absolute FIRST to hear about the Home Study version coming soon as well as the next LIVE course!

“Andrea and Amy are GREAT!  I especially appreciate how real, humble, encouraging, and sometimes irreverent they can be – I looked forward to the class and the calls every week.  The class provided a plethora of excellent tools and guidance.  Each session was interesting and inspiring, and these women also know how to make me smile.

I signed up for the class to give me a boost and a kick-in the ass to get things moving in my own life.  Out of all of the great material provided – there is one very simple concept that has dramatically changed things for me “Hell Yes” or “Hell No”.  This class was definitely a HELL YES!”

~ Cindy McCollum, Ogden, Utah 

~ Shannon Stone, Discovery Bay, California

Before taking the class I was feeling that my life was waiting for me to take action, but knew I needed some guidance on getting a handle on my fears. Deep down, I know this is my path and it was time to do something about the “it” that has been holding me back in many ways.

After the 6-week class I am different in owning my confidence MORE than I was before- I am experiencing myself doing things with less hesitation and going for it– AND THAT’s AWESOME for ME- I have put SOOOO much into others as if there was no room for me – I have definitely changed that point of view!!

I am back on my list of priorities once again and LOVING every minute I am spending on myself (being caught up and living for everyone else was very draining).


How much time do I need to invest in this class per week?

Each audio is about one hour, and the live calls are one hour as well. The exercises will take you anywhere between 30 minutes and a few hours, totally depending on how much you want to dig in! In weeks 3 and 6 we have no lessons, but we do have live calls to allow you to process, digest, and implement everything you’re learning.

When do we get lessons and have live calls?

Lessons come on Tuesdays October 6th, 13th, 27th, and November 3rd. Live calls are every Tuesday at 10 am Pacific time (1 pm EST) starting with the Introductory Welcome Call on October 6th, and q & a calls are October 13th, 20th, 27th, November 3rd, 10th, and 17th.

What if I can’t make the live calls?

A recording will be sent to you and if you’d like, we can answer any questions on the call.

What if I’m kind of scared to do this?

If you’re afraid, you’re on the right track! All the women that sign up are at least a little nervous to downright scared shitless. Your inner-critic will go NUTS telling you this won’t work for you, you’re too damaged, etc. ←- Bullshit stories. We always say, if you’re inner-critic is instilling fear in you, you’re onto something BIG! :)

Do the lessons expire?

Nope! You have them forever. (Foreva? Foreva eva?)

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. If after 21 days from when the program starts you have listened to the lessons and either attended live or listened to the replays and the program does not resonate with you, you can get your money back. We will not however issue refunds if you simply change your mind. We expect that you do your due diligence, read everything on this page so you know what is included, and know our personalities at least somewhat before you join us for the next few months. For a more detailed explanation of our policy please visit this page.

Will you offer this class again next year?

We can’t guarantee that we’ll teach this again, so if you’re thinking about putting it off until next year, please consider doing it this year :)

Is this for women only?

Yes. Although we do fancy the men-folk, all TSLR offerings are for women only.


Listen, we totally stand behind our work and have personally seen the dramatic affect it can create in student’s lives. For that reason, we have a 21-day, 100% money back, refund policy, but there are some stipulations. We intend to attract students who have read the entirety of the page, have done their due dilegence, and participate in the course work. If after 21 days of working through all class lessons and worksheets, you find that the materials simply doesn’t resonate with you, we will happily refund your money. We will not, however, simply refund you because you change your mind. You can read all the specifics about the policy HERE.


Registration is now closed, but please drop your details in the form below to be the absolute FIRST to hear about the Home Study version coming soon as well as the next LIVE course!

P.S.You can read a metric shit-ton of books and blog posts on self love. And if you don’t actually put it into action, it gets you nowhere. Having a support system is hugely important. You not only get both of us, but a group of women just like you cheering you on. xoxo